Why do mobile phones have infrared blasters?

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Why do mobile phones have infrared blasters?

Mobile phones have infrared blasters primarily for the purpose of acting as a universal remote control for various electronic devices. With an infrared blaster, a mobile phone can send infrared signals to control televisions, air conditioners, set-top boxes, DVD players, and other compatible devices.

The infrared blaster essentially mimics the functionality of a traditional remote control, allowing users to conveniently control multiple devices using their mobile phone. This feature eliminates the need for separate remote controls and provides a centralized control solution.

Additionally, infrared blasters can also be used for other applications such as transferring data between devices, like sharing contacts or files between two phones by aligning their infrared ports.

However, it's worth noting that infrared blasters are becoming less common in modern smartphones as newer technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are being used for remote control and data transfer purposes.

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